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Hi I get the Catholic Leader emailed me to me every month but what's happening is that when I download it, it doesn't download properly. Which means I can't copy and paste it which I need to be able to do. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or is a problem that the paper needs to fix? I've asked many times for them to fix this and they have not. 

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The Catholic Leader - June 2022 - Issue 5654 (



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@domgal Opening the link that you provided in Google Chrome, I had no problem downloading a pdf of the newsletter from the link in your message.   The process followed was:

  1. Click on the Click Here link

  2. When the Flipbook opened in the browser, click on the Download icon

    which opened a pdf of the newsletter in a new tab on the browser



  3. Then click on the Download icon in that tab to download an actual copy of the pdf to the Downloads folder.  

I have included a copy of that file with this response.




The problem I have is that when I download the file I can't Copy and Paste from it. I can download it no problems but when I do it doesn't allow me to copy and paste. What I find is that the cursor doesn't change from the arrow to the line that allows you to hold and highlight the text. I need to be able to copy and paste the file because I use it for my 92 year old mother who has very poor sight and I copy and paste the whole paper to make it bigger so that she can read it. How do I do this?

@domgal It's not really correct to say that it doesn't download properly. However, the pdf is in a form from which you cannot copy. You can however zoom in to increase the size and with a Screen Capture utility such as Snagit from, you can capture an image of the enlarged text



Thanks that works