Random outline lines when I want to print

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So I’m using word online for a school project. I used a template to do some-kind of journal. When it’s in preview mode before printing, random “outline” lines appear that did not appear on the document itself when editing it. I just want to know how to get rid of them. Thank you in advance !

**the first picture is when I edit it, no lines appear. The second picture is in preview mode and if I try to print it**
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It's hard to tell from those images. It looks like this template is either set up in table, and those are borders, or maybe those are content controls. Can you do three thing? (1) toggle on the show/hide option and see if the lines pop in while editing; (2) check if borders are on; and, (3) share a link to the template that you used. Also, have you actually printed this to see if the lines appear?