Quick Parts Thumbnail missing in body of document

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Hi there - 

I successfully added quick parts to my Word document. It added a quick parts thumbnail to the paragraph which was helpful because it signals there's a quick parts gallery to choose from. We use this template for building in different conditions to our employment contracts. When I tried to add a new quick parts selection to this document in a different paragraph, the Quick Parts thumbnail doesn't display in the new section. It makes it difficult because this paragraph has no indication that a quick parts gallery is available. Any idea how to get the thumbnail/icon to display in the body of the document itself? 

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I fixed it. It's in the developer tab, under Building Blocks Gallery Content Control. This allows your quick parts to have a drop down.


Hi Katie,


I'm glad you found it. For you and anyone else finding this, here is more about how the Building Blocks Gallery Content Control works as well as a comparison to the AutoTextList field.

Hey Charles, those links were very helpful. I was able to further refine my building blocks to the gallery categories most relevant for that section in the doc. Awesome, thank you!