Put a vertical line to the left of the numbering in a Paragraph style for a heading

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I am hoping for some word gurus out there to have a method to insert a line before a heading as a paragraph style. I am running out of ideas on how to do this in word.


I want to add a vertical line eg 18pt to the left of the section heading and be 60 pt high.
I need the section heading to be real Heading numbers for TOC


Ideally this would be paragraph style so you can just select that style and keep going on the document. Rather than hand building it for each section.
This is easy to do in InDesign with paragraph rules, but not so word.

What I am trying to achieve is below..........


Thanks in advance...

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@JacobHutson You could use a two cell table with shading applied the first cell and Heading 1 style paragraph in the second cell and set it up as an autocorrect entry to facilitate its repetitive use.


Take a look in the cross-posted thread at this response.

I think you will like it; it involves using XML editing to change the style to have a wider border. That way everything remains in the paragraph style.

@Charles_Kenyon Hi Charles, thanks for that link.


Actually there are all sorts of things that you can do once you delve into the xml