Punctuation in the Arabic script appears on the wrong side of the line.

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Hello, I have a microsoft word (Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016) formatting issue. I have a document in two languages: English (left-to-right language) and Persian (right-to-left language). When I type in Persian, there is an issue with punctuation. The period symbol appears on the wrong (opposite) side of the line.

If the issue were in English, this is what the issue would be:
.Hello world
Notice the punctuation on the wrong side.

I have uploaded a screenshot of the issue. Notice on the final line, the period shows up on the right side of the line, when it should be on the left side.

There are other programs on this device that do not have this issue when typing in the Arabic script.

Thank you

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I have found the solution on my own. For anyone else looking for an answer, here is the solution:

Home > (in the "paragraph" section) Right-to-Left text direction