Problems with the table of content in word

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I exported a pdf to word, made all the arrangements with the headings but when I request the table of content, it only includes the bibliography, which is at the end of a 90 pages document.

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In the original Word document, are your headings formatted with the built-in heading styles? 


If "excessive" paragraphs are included in the TOC, one workaround may be to reveal the field code for the TOC and remove the \u switch. Press Alt+F9 (or Alt+Fn+F9 on some keyboards) to show field codes and then edit the TOC field. You want it to look similar to this: 




What are the TOC's? The thing is that in the sequence of headings, they began with 7, instead of 1.



Maybe I misunderstood your question. 


Are you saying that pages are lost in the Word document, or that text paragraphs are missing from the table of contents? 


You can share a representative sample document with the forum, and I'll have a closer look. 

It is, mostly, that Word commands (mainly the headings) do not respond when I ask for them, like fixing a title or heading and the computer does not recognize the command when I ask for the table of content; the heading or title does not appear in the table.

Hello @Nancy1014 ,

what do you mean by "Word commands, mainly the headings, do not respond when I ask for them".

What command do you use to apply a heading that your computer doesn't recognise?


I think your headings only look like headings, but their Outline level is Body text. 

No. I recover the document from a PDF document, and the headings began at levels 7 and 8. There was no way I could reach "Title" or other levels.
If you upload a copy of the document, we can investigate the issue.

Be aware however that with a document that was recovered from a PDF file it is very likely that there will be some features that do not work as expected.

Hello @Nancy1014 ,

that's expected. You recovered the document from PDF, no way Word knows what is text and what is heading. You need to apply the styles, reformat the document. 

Then all will work.

Regards, Lenka