Problems with the table of content in word

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I exported a pdf to word, made all the arrangements with the headings but when I request the table of content, it only includes the bibliography, which is at the end of a 90 pages document.

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In the original Word document, are your headings formatted with the built-in heading styles? 


If "excessive" paragraphs are included in the TOC, one workaround may be to reveal the field code for the TOC and remove the \u switch. Press Alt+F9 (or Alt+Fn+F9 on some keyboards) to show field codes and then edit the TOC field. You want it to look similar to this: 




What are the TOC's? The thing is that in the sequence of headings, they began with 7, instead of 1.



Maybe I misunderstood your question. 


Are you saying that pages are lost in the Word document, or that text paragraphs are missing from the table of contents? 


You can share a representative sample document with the forum, and I'll have a closer look. 

It is, mostly, that Word commands (mainly the headings) do not respond when I ask for them, like fixing a title or heading and the computer does not recognize the command when I ask for the table of content; the heading or title does not appear in the table.