Problems with Font Spacing

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Screen Shot Fonts.pngI'm having trouble with the closing quotes with some fonts; the quotes overlap certain characters. It seems to have something to do with Word (on the left) because I don't have this problem in Apple Pages (on the right). The first font on the left (the only font on the right) is Rubis. The other two fonts on the left are Century Schoolbook and Bookman Old Style. I'm sure I could find others that also do this. Any suggestions one how to make this look right in Word? It prints the same as it looks on screen.


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Hi Jeff


The only workaround I can think of to fix things like this is to adjust the character spacing of your text.


1. Highlight the letter (or text) that you want to space out (e.g. I have highlighted f so that the " will be spaced away from the f).


2. In the Home tab, under Font, click onto the font expansion icon bottom right of the Font area.


3. In the Font options, click onto the Advanced tab, and click onto the drop down list for Spacing.


4. Choose Expanded. You'll see 1 pt automatically populate to the right of the drop down list.


word char spacing.png

This should push the " away from the f.


word char spacing1.png


If you have to do this often, you could just select all text and set this up.


Hope that helps?