Problems accessing the Organizational Templates

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We use the Organizational Asset Library for our Company templates and for the most part it is awesome. However, some of the staff are having a different experience :( 

How it is suppose to work ....

I open Word, click on the new button, then click on our company templates tab and select the required template. It then opens a blank document in the pre-selected format

What is happening (to a 1/4 of the staff) ...

Same steps taken, they see the new image thumbnail and click on it to select - but when the document opens, it opens the old version??

Any ideas on how to have this fixed.

Action taken so far ...

Reboot - Done

Hard refresh and clear cache - Done

Checked the windows version - Done

Checked using the online version - Done and was able to view and use the latest version - but we all use the installed applications and it should work for all!

Logged a call with our internal IT - Done and are unable to ascertain the reason for this - grrrrr - and have logged a call with MS


I need to know how to stop this from happening - it is pointless me telling staff that the latest version will be in the company templates tab (PP, Excel and Word) and it isn't working.


Any ideas?  PLEASE :) 


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