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I am editing a document where there are two citation numbers - all in all there are 74 citations but there are two 7s.   How to fix this?

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@ennoh412 If you upload a copy of the document, one of us will investigate the problem.

Thanks Doug, how do I upload the document?

@ennoh412 When you click on Reply, use the "Drag and drop here or browse for files to attach"







sorry Doug, but I cant see the drag and drop option...

@ennoh412 Click on the Reply Button and you should see it.

sorry doug but there isnt a drag and drop option...
At the bottom of the reply window there is the option to open the full text editor.



here is the document - there are two number 7 citations - how to fix?  in all there are 74...

@ennoh412 Your document contained Footnotes, NOT Citations as that feature exists in Word, and the first 7 was not a Footnote Reference.  When it was replaced by an actual Footnote Reference, it was displayed as Footnote Reference 7 and the number of the next Footnote Reference, was incremented by 1 to 8.  Likewise, the numbers of all of the following Footnote References were incremented by one.

The modified document has been uploaded.

Thanks Doug - I thought footnote and citation were interchangeable. Thanks for your help, I will go back to the master document and see if I can fix it.