Problem when I copy print screen clips into Word

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Until 3 weeks ago, when I used to use the "print screen" function I would create the clip, switch to Word, hit Control V, and the clip would appear. I would then hit the ENTER button which created a RETURN (Paragraph symbol), BELOW the screen clip, ready for the next clip. Every time I would repeat this, as soon as I hit Control V and the clip appeared, and I hit Enter and the return would appear BELOW the clip. BUT, starting 3 weeks ago, NOW, the first time i copy a clip, Enter DOES put a return BELOW the clip. But the second time and subsequently, it often puts the RETURN ABOVE the clip. How do I restore the default where it will ALWAYS put a return BELOW a copied print screen clip? This is driving me crazy. 

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@peterrush10 Check under File>Options>Advanced>Cut, copy, and paste that "In line with text" is selected in the "Insert/paste pictures as:" control.  Also. press the right arrow key before pressing the Enter key.


thanks, Doug, but that didn't work at all. When I copied my first screen shot, it was a blank rectangle. I had to manually click the cut icon at the top right to bring the picture forward. And when I hit return, it put the return above the screen shot, precisely the opposite of what i'm looking for. 

@peterrush10 Did you press the right arrow key before pressing Enter?

@peterrush10 Can you upload a copy of the document so that we can try and determine why you are having that problem.