Problem embedding a font when saving a Word document as a PDF

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Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I'm having. I saved a Word document as a PDF and sent it to KDP to get a proof printed. The proof came back with each italicized lower case d replaced by a small diamond-shaped glyph. KDP advised me to embed the fonts on saving to PDF so I did this for the second proof, but the same problem has arisen. When I looked at the preview for the second proof, a message came up saying that the fonts had not been embedded properly and so they had done that for me. I'm not sure where the problem lies. The font concerned is Crimson Text, which I believe is a truetype font.


Many thanks to anyone who is able to offer suggestions. Best wishes,



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Hi. Thanks Hans. I'll take a look.

Hi again. Just looked at the link. The box it says to tick isn't a box that the KDP told me to tick so hopefully next time I order a proof that will solve the problem. Thanks again.
Hi again. I ticked the box shown in the link you sent and this time when I uploaded the pdf to KDP, they did not say that that I had not embedded the fonts properly, so thanks for that. However, each lower case italicized d on the Crimson Text font is still replaced by a small diamond-shaped glyph. I don't know how to resolve this.

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