Popups showing the formatting of styles

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I searched for this but might not have used the correct terminology.


When formatting a document, I have the style dialogue box open. If I hover over any of the style names for more than a second or two, a box with the entire style formatting (such as font, indent, etc) pops up, blocking everything around and below it.


For me, it's annoying and distracting. How can I turn that feature off?



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@Ace_King See if you can achieve that you are doing with the Style Dialog box by using the Apply Styles dialog that can be displayed by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+S  When you have that dialog open and use CTRL+SHIFT+S again, the focus will move to the Style Name control and if you start typing the name of the style of which you want to make use, the name control will be autopopulated and all that you may ned to do is then press the Enter key to involke that style.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP That works but it's a little too cumbersome to be practical. I'm working with a screenplay and typically write everything unformatted, then go back and do the formatting all at once, "name" and "dialogue" and so on. It's relatively easy to highlight the text, then select the format I need, then move onto the next section of text, but as I wrote in my original post, f I hover above one style choice for longer than a second, the big style description box appears, blocking all of the styles below it.


Is there any was to turn off or disable that, like you can do with the little formatting bar that appears over highlighted text or the the tool tips that popup over the icons in the toolbar? Those two features I can see as being practical and useful, but seeing all of the elements of a style appear when I already know the style I want is awful.


Another possibility would be for that description to appear to the side of the apply styles box instead of directly over it.


Thank you for your suggestion. It's appreciated.