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 "With modern comments we've made anchoring the comment to the content easier to understand and ***we no longer use*** the dotted lines you're familiar with from classic comments. " <-- spoken like a true DOUCHEBAG!! 

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Post feedback to Microsoft and let them know that you do not like the new interface for comments. 


Note that the "connector lines" still show up if you preview a document with comments and also if you print the document or convert it to PDF.







This is only part of the problem. The real big problem is this new generation of software engineers who ASSUME to know what we, the users, need and dont need in a software. 


Do they ever write anything in word? Have they ever left each other hundreds of comments on a single page full of typed words to understand if we need or dont need connector lines to know which comments relates to what!!????? I highly doubt it, otherwise, they would have never removed it!! 


I wont be surprised if when they open up their "developer version" of word, they stare at a blank page all day long while conceiving their next "big improvement/update"





I agree that modern comments do not represent an improvement. On the contrary, the redesign is a bad idea. 


I doubt that developers access this forum. The only way to get the feedback to the right people is to post it via File > Feedback.