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I'm running Mac OS 12 (Monterey) with Office 2021. Problem: 2 documents with exactly the same template & styles. If I copy from 1 to paste into another, the text (both in Body style) comes in significantly larger. Even copying from one section of the same document to another section yields the same result. Table cells expand, etc. I've been through every preference choice looking for some setting, but can find no resolution. I'm having to spend a great deal of time reformatting absolutely everything I paste. Anyone have a clue?

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Hello @khbiz ,

in my experience, the two documents seem to be the same, but are not. Or, their setting is not. What is your setting for pasting text? (via File - Options - Advanced)

My guts also say that the might be a culprit. 

I am not arguing with you that you don't know your documents, it's that I would also swear my documents were the same and later found differencies in unexpected places.

Way too many variables without seeing the documents.

This is one of the worst situations. Either way, you have two options which are both quite valuable in the long run:

You either invest your time to find out and learn a lot (like many of us did), or you learn to fix the issue - for example copy "Text only" or "Use destination..." to avoid that.

Or, there is a third options: you send the documents to someone else to investigate for you.


Thanks for the response, but... I've already factored in everything you say. I've already examined Preferences, I use Paste Special (for unformatted option). But since it even happens when copying and pasting within the same document, there's something wrong. I'm very careful about my style sheets and my Normal always matches my other styles. 


I can start a brand new document and type anything in Normal, which I have set as 11 pt, copy that, press the return a couple of times, then paste what I just typed—and it pastes in 14.5 size. That's the situation.



The style you are using could be set to apply a different style (with a larger font size) when pressing Enter. Investigate the "Style for following paragraph" setting in the Modify Style dialog box. 


Good thought, but, no. For one thing, "following style" only applies when you press the return and start a new paragraph. 


But...I have done a little research on my MacBook, running Office 2019. And...the same ugly phenomenon does not occur in 2019. Thus, I'm guessing it's some kind of a bug in 2021 (I just did away with my 365 subscription). 


So, next question, who can tell me how to file a bug report with Microsoft?

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Thanks for the follow-up.


You will find instructions on sending feedback for Microsoft in the article at