Paragraph pasted into another .docx wraps in a different place than the original.

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I have two docx documents that, as near as I can tell, have the same margin sizes, indents, and other geometric settings as each other.  However, when I copy and paste a 3-line right-justified paragraph from one document to the other the second line splits in an earlier place and causes the pasted paragraph to occupy four lines.  You can see this in the attached .png file in which the normally hidden paragraph marks and other formatting symbols are also shown.


I've checked the paragraph properties, font parameters, and everything else I can think of in both documents but have not found anything that differs.  I've also tried changing the justification as well as pasting the entire contents of the file just in case the problem is somewhere else, but to no avail.  Any ideas of what might be causing this or how to debug it are welcome :)

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Hello @BenevolentDeity ,

what a gem! 

The difference is in the double spaces between sentences. They are condensed in the first text.  Since you said you had checked everything style/font-wise, the only thing I can think of is that the document with the spacing condensed was set to other rules, like those under File → Options → Advanced. Have you checked that?

Let me also ask something else: when you copy the text, but paste it without format, does it still happen? Lenka




Thanks for your quick reply.  I actually don't see any difference in sentence (line) spacing between the two versions in the .gif file I attached.  However, there is wider spacing between words on the 2nd and 3rd lines in the second version, but that is due to the right-justification and the fact that there are not as many words on those lines due to the early wrap of the second line.


As per your suggestion I did compare the settings in File→Options→Advanced between both documents but didn't see any differences, and I've never made any changes in that area to any document I've ever created.


Just to remove copy/paste issues from the list of suspects I manually retyped the same paragraph into both documents, but it still wrapped differently between them.


This is more of a mystery to me than a big deal and I've seen it many times before in other documents and wondered what was going on, but it's certainly not a show stopper :)

So did I, to tell the truth, usually the paste without formatting helped. 

I wonder if others chime in with they ideas. Lenka