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Hi Word Team!

I am trying to create a normal document with page numbers like any normal book...1,2,3,4,5...

When I select 'Insert', then 'Page Numbers' it comes up with a grid to choose where I would like the page number to be i.e. top bottom left right.  I selected bottom middle.  

This then leads to this  < # > where I am obviously meant to put the number.  

I put in number '2' and all the pages in the entire document say page '2'

I click the 'Footer' tab and select 'Options' but none of the options offer basic consecutive numbers.

The options are 'same across entire document, different odd, different even, different odd and even'. 

I have tried all of these with no desirable result.

I am using Microsoft Word online so it must be the latest version.  None of the advice for similar problems has been helpful because the options are not the same as this version of Word.  

I would appreciate your advice thank you.


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Once you have selected your page number format in Word Online, you don't have to do anything more. If you edit the <#> which is a placeholder, you will replace the automatic page number with a static, typed one, and I am guessing that is not what you want.