Page numbering with unnumbered pages in between

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I am attempting to page number a collection of poetry. Each part page (and there are eight parts) needs to be un-numbered. Let's say after page 6, there is an unnumbered page which is Part II, then the next page with a poem starts on page 7. I don't know how to set it up so there is no page number on Part II and so I can begin numbering again on page 7. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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In Word, page numbers are generally in running headers or footers. These are parts of sections and each section has three headers and three footers which can be different.

I believe that the Different First Page option will give you what you want.


After each poem insert either a Next-Page or an Odd-Page section break. The new section will use the first-page header and footer which need not have a page number.




I tried to make every page a different section. I tried entering different first page checking and unchecking it. Sometimes I got no page number, but then when I started numbering pages, I would get the same number twice. I know my brain my not be working as well as a younger person. But I really tried. I couldn't get it. If there is a video to walk me through this, it would help a lot. I got the first section, but there are seven more. Can I hand write the page numbers in on the computer. I need to send a computer copy of my book. Otherwise, I would just write them in with pen. This is very frustrating. Maybe if I understood how to do formats it would help. But I just want simply page numbers with some pages un-numbered. I know you tried to help. Is there some other help I can get?



You are getting the same number more than once because you, at some point, told Word to start numbering over. Then, you created a new section. That repeats the behavior.

First, it is highly unlikely that you want a separate section for each page. Perhaps for each poem if you want to start with an unnumbered page, but not for each page.


If you want, save a document with the problem and a couple of poems on OneDrive or DropBox and post a share link here. I will fix it so you can see what to do. USE A COPY, not your original.