Page numbering isn't working

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Hi, I am trying to set numbers on the pages but it's not working properly. For example, it starts from the first page as 1, then the second page takes the number 2, then the third page takes the number 1, the forth page takes the number 2, the fifth the number 1 adn it repeats itself.


The way I tried to numbering the pages was:

  1. Insert -> Page number -> Bottom page
  2. Insert -> Footer -> Page number -> Bottom page

But the result is the same. Also, I tried to remove all the footers and page numbers by selecting remove footers and page numbers and then re-adding the page numbers but again, the same issue.


When I use the bar on the right to scroll up or down, it shows the Page number. But when I am at page 12 (out of the 13) for example, it says Page 3.


An example of what I mean:

Screenshot 2024-03-04 134200.png


Any idea why that might be? I cannot share the document because it is a paper to be published.


Microsoft Word version 2401 (Build 17231.20236 Click-to-Run), Windows 10.

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@nicholas1105 Your document almost certainly contains multiple Sections (which may or may not be necessary) and it is almost certain that in the Page Number Format dialog, you have the page numbering set to Start at 1 for each section rather than being set to Continue from the previous section.