Page numbering I can't get it to put a number on more than 1 page

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I am trying to put page numbers in my manuscript. At the start, I created a section break for the front matter and in the main body (after the section break) I want to start page numbering at 1. When I format the page number it starts at 2 and only has a number for that page. Any idea what I am doing wrong? 

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@BK_688 Almost certainly, you have inserted the page number into the body of the document, rather than into the header or footer, (depending upon where you want the numbers to appear), of the second Section of the document,  To prevent the numbers from appearing in the front matter, you will need to Unlink the header\footer in the second section from those in the first section and the have the page numbering start at 1, you will need to access the Format Page Numbers dialog (from the Insert tab>Page Numbers dropdown and then set the numbering to Start at 1