Open with Review Mode on Word for the Web


Hello Tech Community,


@Stephen Rice and I wanted to reach out and get your feedback on a new feature that is rolling out for OneDrive, SharePoint and Word! We’re excited to release a new capability that allows you to share a Word document that forces recipients into Review mode (where they can make comments and tracked changes only).


Open in Review Mode.png


When users share a Word document, you’ll find a new option in the Link Settings page to enable the Open in Review mode feature.


Review Mode Word.png


This feature is only supported for Word on the web at this time. Users who open links with these settings in the Word desktop app will see a bar across the top of the client letting them open the file in Word on the web to leave behind tracked changes and comments.


Open in Review Mode for Word on the web is currently available in First Release and we’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts!


Georges Krinker

Senior Program Manager, Word

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