Office 2016 Pro Plus - Mail merge problem when embedding PDF file

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Hi all

I am using an Office 2016 Professional Plus stand alone license with word, outlook and excel. 


When doing mail merge I open word, click mail merge, select my recepients in an excel document, and then I embed a PDF file as an object into the word text. Just before clicking send everything looks good and I can open the PDF file.


Yet, when outlook has sent the mails to the 100 recepients the PDF file in the mail arrives as a png-file, i.e. as a picture of a PDF file. And it is no longer possible to open the PDF file.


I have tried MS support and talked to around 10 people over the last year. And despite lots of kindness and several attempts of remote support on my computer the problem is still unsolved. Changing the outlook user profile and reinstallation of the office pack has been tried several time in vain. Nobody can explain why the PDF file arrives as a png.-file. 


I am open to all suggestions.


Best regards






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