Odd and Even Header with custom numbering

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I am self-publishing a book online and I am having trouble putting in an odd and even header and also the relevant page number as a footer.


The page numbering starts on the ninth page as page 1.


The odd and even header starts on the tenth page (page 2).


This continues until the end of the first chapter of the book, which would be the thirteenth page or numbered page 5. On numbered page six (the next chapter) the sequence starts again. 


I have tried using page breaks and have had moderate success with this but there seems to be something more that is preventing me from completing this relatively simple command (I mean surely other publishers use Word to publish books and they're not experiencing the same problems as me). 


Possible reasons for the problem is on pages one and two and page eight (not numbered) I have a book cover, title page and map respectively, with a different size page to the main body of text. However, this possible cause of the problem should be compensated for by section breaks.


Can anyone help with this?



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The "Different odd and even" option for headers/footers can be applied via the Page Setup dialog box (or via the header/footer contextual ribbon tab). Note that this setting applies to all sections in a document, which means that if you only want it for part of the document, you will have to duplicate header/footer content in the other sections. 


For more on creating a front matter with different or no page numbering, see http://wordfaqs.ssbarnhill.com/FrontMatterRibbon.htm. Section breaks are required, as I'm sure you already know.