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I have many documents that have numbered sections. When editing inserting or other changes the numbering becomes scrambled. An example would be

Section 4 first sub system should be 4.1 but in my document the automatic value is 4.4.1.

How can I change this. I need to make these corrections often my current process is to rewrite the entire document which could involve hundreds of pages. I cannot find any information on what to do with a scrambled numbering system in a Document.

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Hi @Rkazmierzak 

In my experience automatic numbering with subheadings doesn't workl well - an never did.

I ALWAYS use manual numbering (navigation view is a great help!), and always advise people to do so too, once the problem occur.

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You have to set up numbering properly so that it is linked to heading styles; see


Yes, that works great.  


MS still has opportunities us though.  Now that we have a well structured style, Word will regularly break it.  



Multilevel numbering is unnecessarily convoluted in Word; there is no doubt about that. 


However, if you set it up carefully following the steps in the article at, it does work. The steps apply to all ribbon versions of Word for Windows (Word 2007 and later).