Number of Commands (Menu Items) in Word

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Hi All,


Out of curiosity I asked Bing AI how many commands are in MS Word. To my surprise (no, not really) it did not know, and could not be bothered to count them - lazy AI.


"I’m sorry, but I don’t have that information. However, I can tell you that Microsoft Word has over 50 pre-defined toolbars and over 40 pre-defined shortcut menus 1. The latest version of Word has 10 menus (11 including help)"


Anyone got any idea?


There is the obvious question, 'what is a command defined as...', or 'at what level...', so let's start simply by saying, if it is listed in the All Commands list of Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. So, Font>Font (name) would be a command (but we don't count the eleventy thousand actual font name choices), and Font> Font Size is a command, so on...


I'm slightly surprised in the world of computing, categorising and marketing, that this finite universe is not defined by Microsoft somewhere.


Happy counting.




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I know of no such list. You can get an approximation, though.

Listing All the Word Commands - built in command

In the macros listing is a Word command to list commands.


The commands date back to the days of the menus User Interface, i.e. predate the Ribbon.



Cool - thanks. I was unaware of that.

For what it is worth, 2,130.


Sounds about right. Love to see the heat map on usage. I'll bet there are some that are almost unknown.