Need help with word track changes for permission

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Hi everyone I am kinda stuck on this issue. 

So here is my requirement
1) create a document populating existing template

2) different team will work on the same document and make changes that they want to

3) admin/manager will approve or reject those changes


I have completed number 1 using Sharepoint and Microsoft power automate flow. New document is created and all the users can make changes on it but I don't see any viable solution for number 2 and 3. I have found "track change" feature but it doesn't seem fit for this requirement because any user can disable/accept/reject changes.
One of the work around that I have found is to enforce protect document by only allowing track changes for editing restriction so that only one who has the password can accept/reject changes but this works only for desktop word as it is not available in word online and I cannot ask every team to use the desktop word.

Please help me if there is any solution

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