Need Help in Editing Flowchart

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Hello there, everyone


I am doing a report, and I got stuck with this editing of flowchart. I am familiar just with using WORD (2019 & 2021) for writing text, but I have never done diagram or chart/flowchart before - It's my first time now. As you can see below, though it is in Japanese language, I am supposed to change the Japanese texts, translating it into English. I can CTRL + A the whole diagram, but when I click on the boxes where the texts are, it's not editable, although they are not pictures. Is there anyone out there who may help me with this, please?


N.B. All I need to do here is just to delete the Japanese text and replacing them with English, and that's about it.


Thank you in advance.



Editing Flowchart.jpg


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@emile1611 You will probably need to select each piece of text individually to translate it.

Thank you for the reply.

The trouble is that, when I try to click any of them, it wouldn't respond for editing as being selected. I was thinking if I could un-wrap them first or ungroup them first, but I don't know how to do that.

Thank you, again.