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Hi, I am working on a lengthy word document and I use the heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 styles for the section titles of my document and then use the navigation pane to help me navigate quickly to whichever section I am working on. I am running into a problem where I have two sections that are both Heading 2 but for some reason they appear indented slightly differently on the navigation pane than all of the other sections before and after them which are also heading 2. Here is a screenshot so you can see what I mean:



I want those two sections I am pointing to in the screen indented exactly the same as the other ones on the navigation pane and for some reason I can't seem to fix that. Again, they are all the same heading 2 style. Any idea how to fix it?

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@Tyler_Mills How do those headings appear in the body of the document, (and if you are using one, the Table of Contents, which are the only places where the indentation is of any read significance?


Hi Tyler,


Double-check the headings that are indented differently. I suspect that:

  • You actually have a different style applied, or
  • Your paragraph is beginning with one or more spaces/tabs.


Thanks for your reply. All of my headings and styles are correct. For some reason when I reopened the files at a later date that odd visual indent on the navigation pane was gone. So the problem is resolved. Thanks