Multi-Level List With Linked Paragraph Styles and Custom Bullets

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I would like to define some custom bullets.
I would like to modify the paragraph styles for List Bullet 1 - 5 to use my custom bullet by default.
I would like to define a list style that uses my custom bullets, indentation, etc., and assigns the appropriate paragraph style to each level of the list. This seems to be possible only through the creation of a multi-level list.
Whenever I define a new custom bullet, it seems that an existing bullet is overwritten, but its name is unchanged. Therefore, when I try to create a new multi-level list and populate the "Number style for this list level" with the bullet I've created, invariably I seem to get situations where the bullet I've defined, (which, for example, might be an open blue circle), has been assigned a name I can't seem to control, like: "Bullet, Arrow". I can build the list this way but it's very strange. Is it possible to re-name these bullets or to control what symbol appears next to what name? See attached screenshot for an example of the problem.

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Where are you seeing "Bullet, arrow"? If you are seeing it in the Styles pane, it is just a description of direct formatting.


The key to creating stable multilevel lists is to set it up so that each level is associated with a unique paragraph style. You create the paragraph styles first and then set up the list. See which uses the built-in series of List Bullet styles, but you can use custom styles if you want.



Hi Stefan,


Thank you for your reply.  In the screenshot attached to my original post, "Bullet, arrow" is the text appearing next to the circular bullet, under the prompt "Number style for this level:" in the "Define new Multilevel list" dialog box.



OK, you are referring to the description of the selected bullet format in the Multilevel List dialog box. Thanks for the clarification. 

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In other words, the issue is that the description may be incorrect, depending on the selected format. I haven't noticed this before. It might be a new issue, and you can report it via File > Feedback > Send a Frown.

Hi Stefan,

I don't see a feedback option in my version of MS Word.



Which version of Office are you running? 


Your screen shot looked like a Windows version, so I'm assuming you are running Office under Windows. :)

Yes, this is Windows Office under a Microsoft 365 subscription. I keep looking for an applicable date but here's what I find in the "About Microsoft Word for Microsoft 365" option:

Microsoft Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.13127.21210) 32-bit
I do not have either of these options. Please see the additional screensnips I've attached to the original post, as it would appear attachments to replies are not a feature of this forum.



If you are running Word 2016 or older, you will not see the Feedback command.


You can still post feedback via the Uservoice site, but note that it will be closed later this year: 

Thanks - I've requested the addition of this feature via the uservoice site.