multi language document auto translate

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Hi folks,


I am wondering if there is a way to have a word document in two languages? I'm writing quite a few reports every week and going back and forth between a translator app and Word in order to copy paste is such a waste of time. I'm seeing there is an option in Word to translate the whole document. But could this be automated? 

In my mind it would look like this: I'm writing in an area (maybe a table cell or a field), and there's another area linked to that first area. And it is predefined that area 2 is a translation of area 1. So that would be for the first item from the report. There should be an analogy for the rest of the report. In the end it should look somewhat like this.


Maybe I'm already living in the future, but somehow this doesn't seem to me to be unfeasable. 🤷‍:male_sign:

Thanks for any insight!

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It is possible that copilot will do something along these lines, but I would caution against relying on any automatic translation. You will get errors.
Azure AI Translator Service has Document Translation feature, which can do this for you.