MS Word keeps randomly pasting from the clipboard when editing a document (on Macbook Pro 2020)

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I'm editing a word document. On a regular basis, the last contents of the clipboard gets pasted into the word document, without me asking it too.

For ages I though I was somehow hitting an incorrect key, but I have typed very very carefully and it still "just happens , sometimes more than a couple of times a minute

Its really annoying!

This is the second Macbook Pro this has happened on. It does not happen with any other applications, which maybe points to it being a problem with MS word?

The MS Office suite is up to date (word version 16.81 24011420)

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Restarting your computer may suffice to fix the issue. If it doesn't, consider asking in the Mac category in the Windows Community and/or in an Apple Mac forum

@Stefan_Blom Thanks, I have posted on some other boards. But its but going on for weeks, past many shutdown cycles and a replacement laptop. I thought it was user error for ages...