MS WORD keeps crashing using macros in Tables

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I have been having problems with tables in MS WORD for the past several months.  Sometimes the cursor disappears and I can’t tell where I am in the table.  But lately, I keep crashing MS WORD when editing a table.  This specifically is happening when I use some of my macros.  For example, I have a macro with a keyboard shortcut to select an entire row or column.  When I use that macro, the file crashes.  And I just lost 30 minutes of client work product which is very painful.  I haven’t lost work product in several years and I am very upset that MS has once again screwed up this software.  If anyone can assist, I would be grateful. 

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@StuartPortnoy You may be a little quick blaming Microsoft for your problems.

Can you provide the code of the macro that you were running when Word crashed.

Of course the obvious thing to do is to use the .Save command as the first command in your macro so that in the event of a crash for some reason, you work up to that point will have been saved.