MS Word CV Template.

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I want a word template document as shown in the uploaded image 'CV.jpg'. Can anyone create the exact template as seen in the uploaded image? Just create the exact format and I will fill the details myself. Also please insert the objects as seen in the images 'O1.docx' and 'O2.docx' at any empty location. I will place these objects at the intended location. Thanks.

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I feel it would be inappropriate for anyone here to reproduce the template in Word. It seems like that would be an intellectual property violation. It would not be for you to produce it for your own use, but to make something public would be.

You should be able to do this yourself.

Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word - from Shauna Kelly


Most CVs created in Word are formatted using Tables without visible borders.


This is very common and easy to produce template which anyone with intermediate skills in MS Word can do hence I don't feel it is some kind of intellectual property. There is not much unique creativity involved in this. If you are still uncomfortable publishing it then you can send the docx file to my email ID as seen in the image. I will be very thankful to you.