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We have a complex merge template (with hidden conditional IF statements), and when we merge it, we are finding a blank page at the end of the document. It’s likely due to formatting in the (hidden)-appendix-conditional-if-statements, but we have reviewed that text (with ALT+F9 and paragraph markers etc showing) and can’t figure out how to remove the extra page that appears after merging. It might be related to the seeming page break (that doesn’t show up as a formal page break) at the end of a table on page 9, which we can’t readily remove. We welcome any suggestions


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Does the table on page 9 go all the way down to the footer at the bottom of the page, and is that the last thing before the blank page?

If that's the case, then the problem is likely due to the paragraph mark (¶ symbol when nonprinting characters are displayed) just below the table, which Word requires. One workaround that may help is to select that paragraph mark and format it to a font size of 1 point. Another possibility is to slightly reduce the line spacing of some of the text preceding the table (or some inside the table) to pull the bottom of the table up by a few points.

A number of other factors and possible solutions are discussed in