Modern Comments Don't Show

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I may be in the minority of people who like the modern comments.  As a lawyer who is using MS Teams to get multiple contributors to give feedback on documents I think the modern comments are clearer and easier to find.


The strange thing is that modern comments work on my home desktop, but not on my work laptop.  As a result, I am much better off working on my home desktop.  I cannot figure out how to turn them on on my work laptop.  I discussed with our IT head and we determined that both of the computers are using the same version of MS Word.


Any ideas?

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The new comment design is only added to subscription versions of Office. Your work computer may have a perpetual license such as Office Professional Plus which won't receive feature updates, regardless of version number.

I have confirmed with out IT department that I have and Office365 E3 license (not to be confused with Microsoft 365 E3 license).



That certainly looks like a subscription version. Are you on some other channel than "Current channel"? See

I have confirmed with our IT department that feature updates are set to be installed as soon as they are ready (aka Current Channel).

I repaired and there is no change.
Doe anyone else have any ideas on this?



I guess it would be possible that policies have been enforced to prevent certain features from working, but your IT department should know if they did that...

I have shown this problem and chain to our head of IT and he has confirmed that there is nothing we are doing to prevent this. He said it should allow all updates and features.