Modern Comments are HORRIBLE

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MODERN COMMENTS IS A DISASTER for my work as an educator -- it negatively impacts my work flow by adding extra steps (consequently time) and removing several options that were available in legacy comments. Autotext is no longer supported in a comment, which adds time as I must copy/paste from a separate document to insert frequently used comments. The extra steps for inserting and editing each comment (usually many in each paper) slow down my work on HUNDREDS of papers a semester. The addition of a separate comment column takes up valuable screen space and requires a reduction of document view that hampers readability and increases the likelihood of eye strain. CUSTOMERS should have control and choice -- everyone's needs are not the same. Microsoft can easily make this an individual choice.

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Hi Linda,


This is not the place to get any changes made in Word nor the attention of developers at Microsoft. This is an independent user-to-user support forum. MS does not see anything you post here. The way to get their attention is through the feedback mechanisms.

My personal preference is to use the Word Feedback Portal. If you do, please get a share link and post it here so that others seeing this thread can go there and vote and comment. I suspect there are already a number of posts about this on the portal. Please vote and comment.

Did all of this months ago

@lsilvernailBe a squeaky wheel. Go to the Word Feedback Portal and search for Modern Comments. Leave lots of comments and votes.

 @Charles_Kenyon  -- I don't think I can be any squeakier since they brought out the stupid modern comments -- been reporting daily, contacting Microsoft directly by phone, email, and calling them out on social media.  Contacted my university tech folks who also contacted them.  Bottom line:  Microsoft doesn't care what customers think.

@Linda_Silvernail Modern comments are worse than horrible. As a lawyer, putting an extra step in to post the comment is a pointless waste of time.  plus if you accidentally leave one open you have to waste further time searching a complex legal document to find which one you left open.  The old comment system worked perfectly fine, so why change it?  


If you are just venting, that is fine. Otherwise, look at my earlier post that tells you how to tell Microsoft how you feel about this. They do not see anything here, but do if sent through their feedback mechanisms, Be a squeaky wheel! (I am a fellow attorney.)



In Word for Windows, you should be able to turn off modern comments, for now. Clear the "Enable modern comments" option at File > Options > General and restart Word. (Microsoft has stated that this option is only temporarily available.)


As Charles pointed out, you should definitely send feedback to Microsoft and let them know that you do not like the modern comments.