Minimized documents enlarge when mouse passes over

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Whenever I accidently move the insertion point (scroll with mouse) over one of the Word documents I have minimized in the screen's lower bar, all the minimized Word documents duplicate themselves above the bar in much larger size than they are in the bar.  They become one inch tall and 2 inches wide.  Moving the mouse away from them doesn't help, I have to hit the Esc (Escape) key to get rid of them, so that once again they are only inside the bar, in their proper original size of 1/4 inch tall.


I have Windows 10, and MS Office Home & Student 2019, on a MS Surface Laptop circa 2021


At the same time as this started, another unwanted feature started, on G-Mail:  The left side column which before listed "Inbox," "Sent," etc. is now cut down to only 1 inch wide, so I can't see the words Inbox, Sent, unless I mouse roll over them.

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It is normal for previews to display above the Windows taskbar, when you rest the mouse pointer on the taskbar icon for a program. See the screen shot below. The actual size of such previews will depend on the screen size and resolution. 





If the window is actually activating and becoming the active window, chances are good that your mouse settings provide a bit too much sensitivity. This would certainly be true if you are using a laptop's trackpad.
I disabled my trackpad 2 yrs ago. This problem with unwanted enlargements of docs and windows that have been minimized (and thus appear quite satisfactorily for years in the lower bar, only one inch wide and 1/4 inch tall), becoming 1 3/4 inches wide and one inch tall when the mouse rolls over them, is a problem that started happening only a week ago, and now is consistent.

In other words, it never happened before, so why now?
These are the thumbnails that pop up when you scroll over the Task Bar, not the document becoming active?
The windows in the taskbar don't become enlarged full sized, they merely become larger, 1.75 inches wide and 1 inch tall, when the mouse rolls over them.
That is also what I see.