Microsoft YaHei Light font causes documents to become unresponsive

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I recently changed the font for a document to Microsoft YaHei Light. Ever since I did this, the document freezes, becomes unresponsive, then crashes. I can change the font (provided I select all text and change it before the document crashes) but the point is I have an expectation that any font supplied in MS Word as part of my MS 365 subscription should work "as it says on the box". Also, if it can happen with this font, then what's to say it won't happen with any of the others? I would really like to know what would cause a font to behave like this. Just to reiterate, the font is supplied "out of the box". I have not installed this font on my system. Could it have something to do with the name? "YaHei" suggests it might be intended for non-English operating systems. I know this sounds strange, but I have read of another MS Word user having issues with a font which is intended for Korean users.

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