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I'm currently working with a word document which has somehow grouped table rows / columns, to  allow easy copying. I can't seem to figure out how this is achieved. If I click any of the table cells, the full table is selected. I'm then able to click the '+' sign in the bottom right corner, to copy the full table.


Does anyone know how this was created?


Screenshot 2022-05-31 143627.png



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The two cells in the bottom row could be merged (the merge command is on the Table Layout tab on the ribbon). Alternatively, someone has just deleted the border that separates the cells. One way to tell is to display nonprinting marks; you can use the ¶ icon on the Home tab. If the cells are merged, there will be only one end-of-cell marker (¤) present.

Hi @Stefan_Blom 


Thanks for your reply.


Its not actually the merged cells that are the issue.


A fence appears around the full group of cells and displays a small plus sign in the bottom right hand corner, when any cell is clicked. By clicking the plus sign the full group of cells are copied directly beneath.






You can prevent Word from displaying the + sign for adding rows or columns. Clear the check mark next to "Show pop-up buttons for adding rows and columns in tables."




However, I am not sure that is what you are asking. Merged cells will always be a challenge when trying to select part of the table.