Microsoft Word online error 'we are having difficulty creating your presentation

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Microsoft Word online error 'We are having difficulty creating your presentation. Unable to convert the work document into PowerPoint presentation. 

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See if you can start PowerPoint and import the Word document into that application instead. 



I'm also facing the same issue. Microsoft is unable to create the power point for me. I tried to restart power point but of no use.


Did you try simply starting PowerPoint and importing?


Note, unless you have very unusual content, your are not likely to be happy with what this process produces. It can give you a starting point but much that is in a regular Word document will not show up in PowerPoint. If your Word document is an Outline, then you are more likely to be happy with the result.

The desktop versions of Word currently do not have the Export to PowerPoint option, only the (otherwise inferior) Online program has this feature.

Hello, Has anyone been able to solve this issue? I have been presented with the same message "We're having difficulty....." I have tried everything and no luck. Would love to know if anyone else has found a way to export their word doc into a powerpoint - thanks@Rahul980 



See Stefan Blom's response.
"everything" does a good job of expressing your frustration but does not tell us what you have tried.


You may want to first set your Word document up as an Outline, collapse the Outline, and export or paste that. Outlining in Microsoft Word 


Again, my experience has been that the Export tool for this, when it does work, does not do much to produce a good presentation. It gives you a start, at best.

thow to do that. i dont see any option to import something from word.@Stefan_Blom 



In PowerPoint for Windows, use File > Open > Browse to display the Open dialog box. Choose "All Outlines" in the file type box and browse for and open your Word document.