Microsoft word issues

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For some reason, when I opened microsoft word the format was incorrect. There is a little black bar underneath where I type and when I expand my page, the entire microsoft page expands with it to the end of my screen. I uninstalled microsoft word and re-installed it, with no luck. I am just trying to get this black bar to disappear and make it to where the page has proper margins. Can someone help me? Thank you

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Hello jacobegriffin99,
I can't be 100% sure from the print-screen, but my guess is that this is a draft view ('View' → 'Draft').
Can you please confirm if that is the case?
If yes, please change to 'Print Layout' - does that help?

Yes! That was the problem, I have never had that happen before, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Have a good day :)@Lenka_Kerumova 

Glad to help :-).
You too have a good day. L.