Microsoft Word Freezing Constantly

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Word is freezing consistently after about 30 seconds in the document. Then, after a minute or so it'll let me delete a couple of characters or so and freeze right back up! This is only happening on my large document files (in the neighborhood of 400 pages).


Here's what I've tried:

*Restarting computer

*Running antivirus

*Defragmenting the computer

*Restore to an earlier point in time

*Cleaning the C drive

*Microsoft office repair tool (uninstalled and reinstalled Office 365/Word twice).

*Deleting unneeded programs and files

*Microsoft tech support chat


I don't know what to do. As I'm handicapped, my only job is to help people write their best book... which involves coaching and commenting on long documents in track changes. I can't work with things like this. I even looked at other computers, but that just kind of makes my head spin trying to figure out what I can do on a budget. I really just need Word to work properly on the larger documents like it always did before yesterday.

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If the problem just affects that one document, try copying everything EXCEPT for the final paragraph mark (¶) and paste it into a new document.


In general, the Track Changes feature slows Word down substantially, all by itself, when there are many changes.


If for large documents in general, it may be due to how they are formatted.

I recently ran into a problem where Word stopped responding for long periods. I resolved it by disabling all Add-Ins and then re-enabling them one-by-one to see which was causing the problem. Before you do that, though, try running Word in safe mode with the problem document(s). This is a diagnostic step, not a way to use Word generally. Open Office apps in safe mode on a Windows PC - Microsoft Office