Microsoft Word document prints as tiny image on corner of sheet

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I'm trying to print out a long Microsoft Word document, but it keeps printing it as a tiny postage-stamp size image in the bottom corner of the A4 paper. All the document's print settings are correct for 100% size printing as far as I can see. My Xerox printer prints out everything else perfectly happily at full size, so I don't think it's a printer issue. It's only this one document that seems to be affected.


Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, do you know how to fix it? Thanks very much

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With your permission, if I can recommend you, explain your problem in detail. So you can get a solution proposal to your problem much faster.
At the same time, it is much easier for someone who wants to help to understand the subject.
A win-win situation for everyone.
It is also helpful to know the operating system and Office/Outlook version, as different approaches may be required depending on the Office version and OS.

Thank you for your understanding and patience

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Hello @Paul_Slade ,

can you please attach a print-screen of the Print setup? Also a print-screen of the 'Paper' page in the 'Page Setup'.

If just one document behaves like this, then it is more likely that it is in its specific settings.

Thank you. Lenka



Is this Word for Windows? In that case, try the following:


In the Page Setup dialog box, make sure that "Multiple pages" is set to something other than "Bookfold" or "2 pages per sheet." To display the Page Setup dialog box, you can double-click anywhere on the vertical ruler.


Similarly, at File > Print, ensure that you see "1 Page per Sheet." 


Also, try customizing the "Preferred width" for comment balloons in the Advanced Track Changes Options dialog box.