Menu bar still hidden for Word in full screen (Monterey 12.1 Mac OS)

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Microsoft Word still hides menu bar in full screen on Monterey 12.1 Mac OS.


I turned off this new feature of macOS 12 "Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen in System Preferences. So, menu bar is supposed to remain fixed on full screen.


All others programs, like chrome, adobe reader, powerpoint, excel, teams, show menu bar fixed in full screen. However, Word do not.


I have opened a ticket in Apple Support. They told me since this problem only appears in Word, it seems to be a MS issue.


Does anybody have any information? Anyone could help?


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Hi @edgerhuang,


I have already updated to Monterey 12.5 and still nothing …. the bug remains here. Too bad …. When MS will fix this? 



I suppose I still have the problem. I turned the option off since few months and in "windowed screen" (not only for the Word issue, the bar was still visible when I watched movies in full screen mode).

I still hope MS will patch the issue. I will maybe turn the option back on.

I just wanted to add my voice to this as well. I use Word for Mac version 16.63.1 on mac OS 12.5, and I recently discovered the mac preferences option to always show the menu bar for full screen apps. It works properly with every application except Word. Even other Office 365 apps work fine (Excel, PowerPoint...). Only in Word is the space for the menu bar properly reserved but the menu itself is hidden except on a mouse-over. This is clearly a bug and is extremely annoying. Microsoft should fix this as soon as possible.

Hi Robert,

You are right. This bug is very annoying. Even the time in the menu bar we can not see …. MS: When will you fix it?

I am on Monterey 12.5.1 and just updated to Word 16.64. The issue still remais …. Come on MS, could you please fix it? This bug is very annoying ….

Monterey 12.3
The bug's still here. It's so annoying...
MS is the one that needs to fix this. Word 16.65, bug still there, so annoying.



Running Monterey 12.6 and Word 16.66. Still nothing. The issue is still here. Come on, MS! Please fix it! It’s been almost a year!


I noticed something different. In Word version 16.66 with Mac OS 12.6, the menu bar remained fixed in full screen for the first screen that appears when I access the Word (see image bellow). I don't remember if in past versions this already happened. I just watched it now. If it didn't, maybe it's already part of the solution. But, when I access a file, the menu bar become hidden again in full screen ....


Captura de Tela 2022-10-24 às 21.51.01.png

@Luiz_H The starting screen always had the menu bar on it. So it's no improvement from Microsoft. Microsoft is the the worst when it comes to fixing bugs and listening to costumers. 
maybe there is call center and we could call and report there the bug.

@a1in-c Yes, you are right. I had not noticed. And yes again, MS takes a long time to fix bugs. I have already registered a report in the call center, but I have not received any response so far. Too bad. 

I have the same problem. Very annoying. I sometimes have ten Word documents open at the same time, so the new desktop solution doesn't work very well for me. Any news on this issue? Thanks

Hi @SextusEmpiricus


No solution so far. I am running latest versions of Monterey and Microsoft 365. Perhaps with Ventura this issue has been solved, but I do not know.





I don't think this will ever be solved. Problem has been here for years. MS just doesn't care about such specific Mac issues.



This is not the place to get any changes made in Word nor the attention of developers at Microsoft. This is an independent user-to-user support forum. MS does not see anything you post here. The way to get their attention is through the feedback mechanisms.

My personal preference is to use the Word Feedback Portal. If you do, please get a share link and post it here so that others seeing this thread can go there and vote and comment. While you are there, check for other posts and feel free to vote and comment on those as well!



Yes, so a ticket was already open for this (more than one actually, I just took a recent one with the most votes associated with it). So here you go:


To all others reaching this forum: click on the link above and upvote. I'm not under the illusion that anyone is going to fix this at MS after all this time, but who knows, can't hurt to try.