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hello all, 


I'm new to this forum so... hello!

I have recently taken on a new job and I have fallen into the position of the tech guy. So far, most of my responsibilities are almost solely making things more User Friendly for some of our not so tech 'savvy' staff members. One of the main things I am trying to fix is the 'minutes template' for the minutes - this is all done on Microsoft Word. The template needs to have a rather simple structure that is easy to use and edit. The basic structure of the template needs to look a little like this: 


12.01               Blah blah blah the contents of the message Blah blah blah the contents of 

                        the message  Blah blah blah the contents of the message Blah blah blah                                                  the contents of the message.                                                                           BH (initials) 


So far, I have created a table with two columns - one that will contain the message and a small column which will just have the initials of the speaker in (right hand side). I have also automatically set the indentation to 1.3cm so that the message is always aligned down the middle. 
Here's my problem... you see the meeting minute down the left hand side? When I delete the automatically set indentation for the first line, the whole paragraph shifts to the left, therefore meaning the user will have to manually tab across every other line in the sentence. For me, I would always just tab in for every line but I know that my work would like it much easier. Has anybody got any suggestions. I understand this post is a little specific! 


See Picture Below: 



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Use a three column table - the first narrow column for the Minute Numbers, a wide middle column for the text (with no indent) and the right narrow column for the initials.