max. Anzahl an Zeichen im Literaturverzeichnis für URL erweitern

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mit dem nachstehenden Anliegen habe ich mich bereits an den Kundensupport gewendet.

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Jedoch legt die Lösung ein wenig Verständnis für VBA Programmierung voraus. Dies fehlt mir.


Word bietet die Möglichkeit Literaturverzeichnisse anzufertigen. Leider ist die maximale Anzahl an Zeichen für die Zeile URL im Quellentyp Website auf eine bestimmte Anzahl begrenzt. 

Ich möchte in den .XSL-Dateien aus dem Ordner Bibliography/Style die maximale Anzahl an Zeichen für die Zeile "URL" erweitern.


Wo ist dieser Parameter, im VBA-Code, definiert?


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Are you able to share the URL here? I would be happy to do some testing for you and see if I can find a solution. I’ve never encountered this and would like to duplicate the problem and work with it.

Thank you for sharing. This is an new issue to me that I've never encountered before. I did some searching for you off and on over the last few hours, and I've found that this is a known issue that comes up. The APA style guide appears to have specific examples/rules for handling situations like yours. See this web page for example.


I do not know what writing style guide you may be using.  The above link is for APA style.  I am most familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style.  CMOS § 14.10 states:


. . . shortened versions of a URL provided by third-party services (and intended primarily for use with social media) should never be used. Not only are such services prone to disappear, but the original URL identifies the domain name and other elements that may be important to the citation. Publishers, however, may choose to make an exception . . .

So, I would say maybe first check with whatever writing style guide you are applying because they may allow for you to use a URL shortening service or provide some other direction you can look in for a solution to your problem.


If that does not provide a solution, then the only idea that I have for you is to note which hyperlinks you need to come back and fix later and continue to add your sources like normal.  When you are done, build the bibliography.  After it is built, you can use the drop down in the content control to convert the bibliography to static text and then go back through and manually place the full URL(s) in where you need them, because now the bibliography will no longer be a field.  This may be inconvenient, but I think it may be the best/most practical solution.  I tested this using your URL and the URL worked and everything this way.



In der beiliegenden Datei aus dem Ordner "Microsoft\Bibliography\Style" wird der Wert für die Länge eines URL festgelegt.

Kann man die Datei nicht umschreiben und somit die Länge der URL erhöhen?

My response to this needs to be prefaced with the fact that we are now getting into the coding of Microsoft Word. When it comes to working with xml, VBA, C languages, ect, I am very much a novice. Some of what I am about to say could be only partially correct.

I am reasonably sure that what you are trying to do cannot be done by editing xml. I apologize in advance if I am explaining something you already know by the way. Anyway, xml is a markup language, it is not a programming language. Looking through the xml style sheet you shared, for example, nothing in there is actually defining how long a string can be. What it appears to be doing is testing if a string is greater than zero, or if it is equal to zero. So, it's basically asking, "Does this field have text?"

The problem you are having is that the field itself only allows 255 characters. That is a problem in the source code of the software, not the xml style sheet of the document. I'm reasonably sure that the problem is being caused specifically by the type of string being allowed to be stored as input from the user of the bibliography source fields. That string type, in the source code itself, will only allow 255 characters.

I am not sure if this is something that could be fixed via VBA. But, even if it is, you are venturing far into impractical solutions now. Even if you found a macro that would change this for you, you'd need to change the file type to a macro-enabled one. This presents problems because, depending on where you plan to send this document, users you give the document to may have security setting that disable the macro. They may not even be allowed to open it at all.

Your best bet for a solution is to do what I suggested in an earlier reply. You could try to find a third-party bibliography plugin for Word. I am not sure if such things exist, but it wouldn't surprise me considering how frequently the problem of 255 character string limitations comes up when you search for it in relation to Word. Still, though, personally, I feel my above suggestion is your most practical way forward in this situation unless you can find a shortened URL that is approved by the site you are trying to cite.


Ok, yes you´re right.

Thanks for help.