Margins for odd/even alternating pages not reflected in margin arrows at the top of the page.

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Hi Word gurus!

I have used Word for Mac for about 15 years for my book editing business.

This issue only happened recently, and I cannot ftlom figure it out, so I humbly ask for some assistance.

My formatting is for books with a gutter and alternating L/R margins. And everything works fine, except recently, the little movable margin and tab arrows are not reflecting the actual alternating margins.

It is not affecting the document, but it is confusing, and I am also concerned it is indicative of a larger issue I am unaware of. 

Please help!



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@George_Verongos This is an issue that appears to have been caused by a recent update and it has been reported to the Microsoft Word Product Team who are investigating the issue.

Thank you so much, Doug. I was convinced for a few weeks it was operator error. I'm no Word expert, but after working in publishing and education for nearly 30 years altogether, I can usually troubleshoot any Word problems.