Making an automated form for my work

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Hello Everyone,

       I am new to this group. I have been using Word in the most basic sense for a decade at least . Now I have come to work for a company who is still printing templates and filling them out by hand . I want to create a template for multiple use that has the ability for the sales people to add as many custom lines inside a field . We have our templates in table form so one row may say demolition in the first box. The second will have a bullet list of the items we demo and the third box is for the cost . I want to make this form have the ability to add additional bullet points in column two and then go to the third box . I need to do this for basically every box in the second column . How do I do this? I can't have a drop down list of pre determined items because of the scope of our work. Anyone who knows of a good tutorial I can watch or if there is a learning class I should take I would appreciate the info.



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