Major ruler bug if certain settings are activated.

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the microsoft support team told me to post an issue/bug I found in this forum, so that it can be resolved in the future.

Problem description: The 'ruler' in Word (at the top and left of the screen), which visualizes tab stops etc., is displayed grossly incorrectly for tables: The ruler is shifted out of the area displayed on the screen. The result is that tables can either not be edited at all or only in a very restricted way. In particular, the tab stop decimal for aligning numbers to the decimal point (within a column in a table) can no longer be used.


The problem occurs (at least) in Word 365 and Word 2016 Professional Plus.


The problem occurs exactly only if the following conditions are met:

  • Page layout must be set for even and odd pages. I.e. Margins --> Custom --> Multiple pages --> Facing pages must be enabled.
  • There are comments and the comments are shown in the form of a continuous  comment column on the right side.
  • The problem occurs only on even(!) pages, but never on odd(!) pages.

Problem can be avoided by:

  • Either (simplest option): temporarily hiding the comment column previously shown in the ride side margin.
  • Or instead: Move table to an odd page. There, the ruler is always displayed correctly, which makes correct editing possible. After editing there, the table can be moved back to the original even page. The formatting is preserved.
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There are some display bugs in Word related to mirror margins. I'll try and find out if this is a known issue. 

I have received a reply from the Office team. The issue is being investigated by Microsoft. That is all the information available for now.