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Hi  guys, 

I get data from excel to create a merge print, I would know if its possible to have 2 different records in the same page because I need to use 2 or 3 records printed in the same A4, but I can just duplicate the same record, I'm not able to have different ones 

hope the question is clear, if not please let me know 


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I'm not a super user in the slightest, but I figured I would make a response, because no one else has replied, lol. I am unable to see your files on my current computer.

However, from my experience, it is impossible to merge two or more records into a single letter. The merge has to be performed twice. I ran into what I think is an issue similar to yours--I needed information from two records in the letter. Because they are records, I ran the merge, then selected, "Edit individual Documents". I copied and pasted the data from second record into the first or vice versa. Then, print to PDF the new letter.

Otherwise, you'll have to run the merge twice. One for the first record(s), then create a second merge with the first record(s) already populated and run it again with the second record(s).

@therocksan If you change the mail merge main document to a Directory type, as has been done with the version of your document that I have uploaded, you will get the result shown in the Directory Merge Result.docx file that I have uploaded.




@DianezP See my response to therocksan

I know this was posted a while ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to view the response. There is a security block on my laptop. Thank you though for the response!