Mail Merge not picking up fields from excel

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Hi guys,


I've a pretty large database in excel that's being used to merge to a mail merge doc.  The database stretches to column MX but word is only picking up to column IV.


How can I get word to pick up the rest of the data as I need it in the mail merge document?


Thanks for helping!

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Hi @Alison Flynn 


My understanding is that there's a limit to the columns. Seems to be that a comma delimited file may work or at least by knowing the column name you may be able to still insert it.


I haven't found any clear reference on a definite solution but maybe give the top two suggestions a try?


You have a huge file so it's certainly outside the normal rules!


Best wishes and good luck!




Hey Damien,


Thanks a million for replying - looks like the csv has done the trick.


Yes it's a big baby of a file!  Keeping me busy.


Really appreciate your input.


Glad that helped! 


Best wishes